IBM® Power Systems™

The Shift
Today, we are in the midst of a technology shift driving growth and innovation. Cloud, analytics, social business, and mobile solutions aren't simply remaking computing, they are remaking business. These new applications are driving the huge growth in data in volume and variety. This creates a need for systems with the compute intensive performance to process that volume and variety of data.

The Opportunity
This new era represents an opportunity for midsized companies to reshape the value they deliver, but cost, complexity and risk are standing in the way. So how can midsized companies make sure they are ready for what's next? At ITC, we believe there's an answer – we call it Smarter Computing. The IBM Power Series® exemplifies Smarter Computing by providing a powerful, efficient, and secure backbone for the critical operations of today's businesses of all sizes. The broad portfolio of Power Systems™ entry server solutions provides ample choices for midsized companies that need to expand their operations while controlling costs and reducing time to value. The latest systems, enhanced with the POWER7+™ processor, offer better performance, higher energy efficiency, and more affordable pricing than ever before.


  • Affordable and energy efficient
  • Integrated and easy to deploy
  • Superior client experience for rapid business return
  • Industry solutions based on IBM AIX®, IBM i®, Linux™
  • Ultimate system for compute intensive performance
  • Built on POWER®, virtualized with PowerVM®
  • Express Editions for popular IBM Systems Software™

iSeries® / AS400®

Companies rely on an efficient IT infrastructure to support business-critical applications. They need to know that their systems and business processes are deployed to meet the highest service levels defined by their business units, plus can be adapted to handle every new business opportunity. IBM iSeries®, (formerly known as IBM i5/OS®), running on an IBM Power Systems™ server offers a highly scalable and virus resistant architecture with a proven reputation for exceptional business resiliency. Running applications based on IBM iSeries®, has helped companies over many years to focus on innovation and delivering new value to their business, not just on managing their data center operations.

Having a more dynamic infrastructure is all about selecting the right systems and software to enable businesses to move with agility and speed. Getting there with IBM iSeries®, means implementing proven solutions on a platform you can trust. By choosing the latest Power® platform, IBM iSeries®, applications get world class performance plus dynamic infrastructure flexibility, with the opportunity to lower monthly operations costs.


  • Integrated middleware for efficient business processing
  • Virtualized to manage multiple applications and processes
  • Optimized for exceptional business resilience
  • Trusted security with auditing and compliance tools
  • Designed for open application design choices
  • Simplified operations and storage management
  • Scalable to enable non-disruptive business growth

IBM iSeries®, integrates a trusted combination of relational database, security, web services, networking and storage management capabilities. It provides a broad and highly stable database and middleware foundation for efficiently deploying business processing applications, with support for over 5,000 solutions from over 2,500 ISVs. IBM iSeries®, solutions are offered through an extensive, highly skilled worldwide network of IBM Business Partners that is backed by IBM's trusted services and support infrastructure.

IBM® develops, fully tests and preloads the core middleware components of IBM iSeries®, together upfront, whereas on other platforms, operating system, database and middleware integration is done in the data center. The pre-integration and testing of IBM iSeries® is a key factor in enabling companies to deploy applications faster and maintain them with fewer staff. Virtualization and workload management are also built into IBM iSeries® to enable you to run multiple applications and components together on the same system, driving up system utilization and delivering a better return on IT investments.

pSeries® (System p®)

IBM® System p® servers and workstations, known for their computing power, are based on IBM POWER7® processors with industry-leading technology that is proven across a wide range of applications. System p® is ideal for AIX® and Linux™ users who demand powerful, flexible and secure computing systems which deliver excellent performance without compromising system affordability.

Power Systems® - Redefining the benchmarks against which performance is measured New POWER7® processor-based systems represent a true leap forward to more intelligent UNIX® servers that minimize complexity, automate processes, and reduce energy consumption, downtime and other operational costs.

On a smarter planet these are the only benchmarks that matter: Minimizing complexity, improving efficiency, and scaling easily

Clients using IBM® Power Systems™ gain lower TCO and more resilient infrastructure than those who use other UNIX® or Oracle® Sun x86 systems because POWER® delivers:

  • An innovative, dependable technology roadmap
  • Scalable performance with easy-to-grow modular systems
  • Broad business solutions options with choice of UNIX®, IBM iSeries® and Linux™
  • Efficient virtualization for server consolidation and lower cost
  • Flexible workload optimization for rapid cloud infrastructure deployment
  • Trusted migration expertise for Oracle® Sun and HP® users and for Oracle® Sun x86 server consolidation

The platform of choice for value with the right technology partner

From reliability and virtualization features inspired by IBM®'s unrivalled success in mainframe systems to unique energy savings capabilities a Power® solution can help you get the most from your IT assets so end users are enabled quickly through a cost-effective infrastructure with around-the-clock availability.

Businesses around the world are moving to POWER® Systems in order to:

  • Maximize return on investment: IBM® designs and develops the core technologies in POWER® Systems and delivers them through a reliable road map for both hardware and systems software.
  • Reduce cost and increase flexibility: IBM®'s unique 40-year history of virtualization leadership is delivered on POWER® Systems through PowerVM® technologies that enable clients to dramatically reduce costs by virtualizing everything in the data center.
  • Get consistent and predictable performance: Power Systems™ delivers high performing processors and system scalability with leadership benchmarks achieved in a virtualized environment.

According to IDC, Power Systems™ leads in worldwide UNIX® server revenue share. Businesses migrate to the latest generation of Power Systems™ in order take advantage of the exceptional performance, scalability and reliability of today's POWER® processor-based servers with the added plus of Power Systems Software™ in order to improve flexibility and availability as well as reduce overall infrastructure costs.

The predictable delivery of innovation through the POWER® processor roadmap and IBM®'s commitment to investment in AIX®, IBM iSeries® and Linux operating systems on Power with more than 15,000 supported applications provides clients with the confidence that Power Systems are the right choice, for now and for the future.

Power is integrated value

A totally integrated approach to the design, development, and testing of each and every Power server ensures the resiliency required for today's IT infrastructure. All POWER7® and POWER6® server models include innovative reliability, availability and serviceability features that help you avoid unplanned downtime. And, with Capacity on Demand, Hot-Node Add and Hot-Memory Add Power Systems enterprise servers ensure you can keep your most important applications available, even as you add capacity to handle new business demands.

Power Systems™ are also optimized with the ability to securely run multiple applications on AIX®, iSeries® and Linux™ operating systems on a single server so you can manage fewer systems with lower cost and higher utilization. No longer do you need to manage complex and energy inefficient server farms with each server dedicated to a single application or operating environment. Now you can consolidate workloads and significantly reduce costs throughout your infrastructure, while dramatically improving your ability to meet changing processing demands.


As businesses struggle to manage data growth across their organizations, they face challenges in planning, integrating, managing, and supporting their storage infrastructures. In many respects, corporate data is a company's single most important asset. ITC's mission is to store, protect and secure this information while still providing it 24-7-365, economically and sustainably. Traditionally, this has meant an information infrastructure must be available, reliable, energy efficient, secure and cost effective. As storage requirements grow, so does the cost and complexity of managing information effectively. With extensive experience designing tiered storage, as well as backup and recovery solutions, ITC can help manage information securely and efficiently – from the moment it enters the organization to the moment it leaves.

To reduce costs and create efficiencies, we look at overall enterprise and rationalize requirements by matching the criticality of data to the right storage device at the right price. We also help meet regulatory compliance demands and internal service level agreements while protecting data against corruption, theft, or loss. ITC's goal is to minimize risk while ensuring the greatest return on investment. From design and architecture, to implementation and knowledge transfer, we can create scalable storage solutions to meet current and future needs.

We focus on the major storage vendors and design our solutions accordingly. Those vendors include:

  • IBM®
  • EMC®

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IBM PureFlex™

To meet today's demands, you need a solid foundation of server, storage, networking and software resources that can quickly and automatically adapt to changing conditions. You need access to—and the ability to take advantage of—broad expertise and proven best practices in systems management, applications, hardware maintenance and more.

A new category of IT systems: expert integrated systems

The time has come for a new category of systems: systems with integrated expertise that combine the flexibility of general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance tuned to the workload—fundamentally changing the experience and economics of IT. IBM PureSystems™ are the first family of systems in this category, offering:


  • Built-in expertise: automated management and deployment expertise for physical and virtual resources so your experts can focus on innovation
  • Simplified experience: optimized configurations to accelerate purchase, deployment and time to value for your solution

You can select the capabilities you need based on your target workload and environment—each configuration is available with your choice of POWER7®-based or Intel® processor-based compute nodes.

Express The Express configuration is designed for small and medium businesses and is the most affordable entry point into a PureFlex™ System.

Standard The Standard configuration is optimized for application servers with supporting storage and networking and is designed to support your key ISV solutions.

Enterprise The Enterprise configuration is optimized for scalable cloud deployments and has built-in redundancy for highly reliable and resilient operation to support your critical applications and cloud services.

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