iSeries® / AS400®

Companies rely on an efficient IT infrastructure to support business-critical applications. They need to know that their systems and business processes are deployed to meet the highest service levels defined by their business units, plus can be adapted to handle every new business opportunity. IBM iSeries®, (formerly known as IBM i5/OS®), running on an IBM Power Systems™ server offers a highly scalable and virus resistant architecture with a proven reputation for exceptional business resiliency. Running applications based on IBM iSeries®, has helped companies over many years to focus on innovation and delivering new value to their business, not just on managing their data center operations.

Having a more dynamic infrastructure is all about selecting the right systems and software to enable businesses to move with agility and speed. Getting there with IBM iSeries®, means implementing proven solutions on a platform you can trust. By choosing the latest Power® platform, IBM iSeries®, applications get world class performance plus dynamic infrastructure flexibility, with the opportunity to lower monthly operations costs.


  • Integrated middleware for efficient business processing
  • Virtualized to manage multiple applications and processes
  • Optimized for exceptional business resilience
  • Trusted security with auditing and compliance tools
  • Designed for open application design choices
  • Simplified operations and storage management
  • Scalable to enable non-disruptive business growth

IBM iSeries®, integrates a trusted combination of relational database, security, web services, networking and storage management capabilities. It provides a broad and highly stable database and middleware foundation for efficiently deploying business processing applications, with support for over 5,000 solutions from over 2,500 ISVs. IBM iSeries®, solutions are offered through an extensive, highly skilled worldwide network of IBM Business Partners that is backed by IBM's trusted services and support infrastructure.

IBM® develops, fully tests and preloads the core middleware components of IBM iSeries®, together upfront, whereas on other platforms, operating system, database and middleware integration is done in the data center. The pre-integration and testing of IBM iSeries® is a key factor in enabling companies to deploy applications faster and maintain them with fewer staff. Virtualization and workload management are also built into IBM iSeries® to enable you to run multiple applications and components together on the same system, driving up system utilization and delivering a better return on IT investments.