IBM Flash Storage

Flash technology is redefining the landscape of computing. IBM flash storage provides extreme IOPs and low latency performance. When compared to disk technology flash is superior in storage density, cost efficiency, packaging, energy consumption and speed to deployment. Businesses can finally unleash the power of their most critical applications to make real time strategic decisions. It’s time to consolidate legacy systems and create new applications with IBM flash storage. It’s time for flash.

Make Sure you are Up to Speed

The IBM® FlashSystem™ family offers affordable high density, low latency, high reliability, and scalable performance in a storage device that is both space and power efficient. Flash is used to enhance the performance, efficiency, reliability and design of essential enterprise applications and solutions, and when combined with intelligent data placement software enables truly autonomic, flash-optimized storage infrastructure. IBM FlashSystem products eliminate storage bottlenecks with microsecond latency so important applications work faster and scale further. IBM FlashSystem products can augment or replace traditional hard drive storage systems in performance-centric enterprise environments. Beyond performance, IBM FlashSystem products also bring enterprise reliability and macro efficiency for the most demanding datacenters.

Clients use IBM FlashSystem products to:

  • Cut user complaints
  • Scale to more users
  • Cut I/O wait and response times
  • Simplify solutions
  • Reduce power and floor space requirements
  • Speed up applications
  • Easily enhance and integrate with existing infrastructure