IBM PureFlex™

To meet today's demands, you need a solid foundation of server, storage, networking and software resources that can quickly and automatically adapt to changing conditions. You need access to—and the ability to take advantage of—broad expertise and proven best practices in systems management, applications, hardware maintenance and more.

A new category of IT systems: expert integrated systems

The time has come for a new category of systems: systems with integrated expertise that combine the flexibility of general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance tuned to the workload—fundamentally changing the experience and economics of IT. IBM PureSystems™ are the first family of systems in this category, offering:


  • Built-in expertise: automated management and deployment expertise for physical and virtual resources so your experts can focus on innovation
  • Simplified experience: optimized configurations to accelerate purchase, deployment and time to value for your solution

You can select the capabilities you need based on your target workload and environment—each configuration is available with your choice of POWER7®-based or Intel® processor-based compute nodes.

Express The Express configuration is designed for small and medium businesses and is the most affordable entry point into a PureFlex™ System.

Standard The Standard configuration is optimized for application servers with supporting storage and networking and is designed to support your key ISV solutions.

Enterprise The Enterprise configuration is optimized for scalable cloud deployments and has built-in redundancy for highly reliable and resilient operation to support your critical applications and cloud services.

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