As businesses struggle to manage data growth across their organizations, they face challenges in planning, integrating, managing, and supporting their storage infrastructures. In many respects, corporate data is a company's single most important asset. ITC's mission is to store, protect and secure this information while still providing it 24-7-365, economically and sustainably. Traditionally, this has meant an information infrastructure must be available, reliable, energy efficient, secure and cost effective. As storage requirements grow, so does the cost and complexity of managing information effectively. With extensive experience designing tiered storage, as well as backup and recovery solutions, ITC can help manage information securely and efficiently – from the moment it enters the organization to the moment it leaves.

To reduce costs and create efficiencies, we look at overall enterprise and rationalize requirements by matching the criticality of data to the right storage device at the right price. We also help meet regulatory compliance demands and internal service level agreements while protecting data against corruption, theft, or loss. ITC's goal is to minimize risk while ensuring the greatest return on investment. From design and architecture, to implementation and knowledge transfer, we can create scalable storage solutions to meet current and future needs.

We focus on the major storage vendors and design our solutions accordingly. Those vendors include:

  • IBM®
  • EMC®

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