IBM System x

The new generation of System x® and BladeCenter® servers delivers business value and reduces costs for clients through industry-leading scalability, virtualization and management capabilities. Recent economic conditions have changed the way that business operates. To adapt demands innovative ideas and solutions. At the same time, the world is becoming smarter—more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. Businesses have to manage increasingly large data pools and a customer base with higher expectations, without spending more on IT. IBM® delivers solutions—smarter systems built for a smarter planet to help you reduce costs and improve service while still managing risk.


IBM® System x® and BladeCenter® servers help deliver a dynamic infrastructure that provides leadership quality and service that you can trust, as well as:

  • Reduces operating costs with higher performance, energy efficiency, simplified management, virtualization and increased utilization
  • Manages present and future risk in challenging economic conditions with best-in-class RAS and future-proof IT
  • Improves service with an end-to-end approach to systems management