IBM Power Systems

Purpose-Built for Today’s Demanding and Dynamic Business Environments

The Wave

Artificial intelligence is bringing new demands to processors. The rise of machine learning, natural language processing, big data, analytics and social business are creating explosive waves. These technology waves are driving business transformation – finding new ways to leverage insights from data. How companies ingest, manage and leverage this data can unlock unlimited possibilities and opportunities for both the business and the customer. The technology wave represents an opportunity for companies to reshape the value they deliver. So how can companies make sure they are ready for what’s next?

The Ride

At ITC we believe there’s an answer…IBM Power Systems. With industry leading reliability, performance, and security, IBM Power System infrastructure is built to crush the most data-intensive workloads imaginable. By harnessing the IBM Power Systems platform, customers respond faster to business demands, safeguard data from core to cloud, and streamline analytics and automation while increasing reliability in a sustainable way.

IBM’s new breed of servers, enhanced with the POWER10™ processor, is built for core enterprise applications and the next wave of digital transformation fueled by application modernization.

The Advantage

With IBM Power Systems, businesses of all sizes can be in the wave. Advantages include:

  • Trusted and proven foundation
  • Pervasive security and resiliency
  • Superior performance
  • Greater levels of flexibility
  • Streamline insights and automation
  • Select the optimal operating environment from AIX, IBM i and Linux on Power
  • Incremental application modernization
  • Support for innovation

Choosing IT infrastructure is a crucial decision. Contact ITC for more information about the system that powers innovative thinking to drive business growth and marketplace success.

IBM Power Systems: Your Unfair Advantage

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