Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Cloud-based strategies are an integral part of a modern technology strategy. Due to mobile computing and the need for accessibility, cloud computing has one of the highest technology adoption rates. ITC can deliver innovative cloud-based solutions that are both scalable and affordable. We have experience on the Cloud Platform with software giants such as Microsoft Azure, Google Collaboration, and Better yet, we have experience integrating cloud applications from various providers such as these. Integrating your applications makes your processes run smoother, saves time through single sign-on, and allows divergent applications and departments to share common data instead of recreating it.

We will partner with you to recommend cloud strategies and an architecture that achieves your IT vision while minimizing risk, customization, and integration expenses.

Benefits of Cloud Computing
  • Reduces your infrastructure investment
  • Application consolidation reduces maintenance challenges
  • Pay as you go and for what you use reduces your costs

Cloud Migration

Why Migrate to the Cloud?

Years ago, organizations developed custom applications using the old Microsoft platform. These legacy applications are expensive to maintain, have poor reliability, and feature outdated components not well suited to current business requirements.

We Can Help

We convert legacy custom applications to current technologies. We can then deploy them on the cloud in various high-availability configurations. Our cloud transition services enable us to take over the maintenance and hosting of these legacy applications. We can convert them to current .Net standards. We can consolidate several applications into one streamlined application with the latest features available.

Cloud Migration Services
  • Convert Legacy Access, Visual Basic, and early versions of .Net to current .Net standards.
  • Consolidate multiple applications into one.
  • Add and develop new features and specifications.
  • Add mobile capabilities using native or non-native HTML5
  • Deploy cloud in various high-availability configurations.
  • Manage and maintain applications
Application Maintenance & Management

We provide results-driven solutions for application maintenance and management. With our application management services, you can improve operational efficiency, increase agility and maximize benefits. Get the most out of your investment and the greatest possible workability and support for your internal organization.

Services Cover
  • Technical Support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Minor Adjustments
  • Service tailored to your needs
  • Database Administration
  • Application monitoring
  • Production support
  • Issue analysis
  • Ad hoc requests
  • Performance monitoring
  • Help Desk
  • System Administration
  • Operational requests
  • Improve overall system functioning and reliability
  • Improved Performance
  • Greater Return on Technology Investment
  • Dynamic maintenance plans give you flexibility
  • Reduction of the total cost of application management
  • Single point of contact
  • Quickly resolve technical incidents
  • Frees your IT staff for other projects
  • Backup and restoration managed for you
  • Peace of Mind