Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

“Smartphones, tablets, and wireless data plans are already a trillion-dollar business. It’s just the beginning.” – Antonio Regalado, Technology Review, 2013

Mobile devices have revolutionized the way information is delivered. The demand for mobile information is strong and consumers will not be ignored. To stay competitive companies must make their information mobile compliant. The companies that get noticed are the ones that build their mobile apps.

Whether interested in making money in the mobile market, brand recognition, or staying competitive, you need a mobile app strategy.

As the demand for mobile devices goes up, so does the demand for more flexibility and adaptability. Employees want their devices to work alongside company-furnished devices. They want their online calendars to integrate with their desktop and mobile. They want their contacts lists, CRM, and data to be easily available anywhere, anytime, from any hand-held device.

Mobile applications facilitate interactivity and streamline operations. Mobile application development used with cloud computing can set your company apart, but you need to act now.

Some of the benefits of mobile technology include:
  • Enhance workplace productivity
  • Optimize people resources
  • Better engagement with suppliers, employees, and customers
  • Brand appeal
Mobile application development

Our well-versed mobile development team is equipped with the latest tools and technologies to specialize in both NATIVE and HTML5 custom application development. Our expert Mobile App Development Team has a variety of expertise ranging from usability, interface design, multimedia, device navigation, social media integration, and business app integration. Our developers are skilled in producing highly user-friendly apps which are highly functional and test high on user appeal and satisfaction.

Our Process

Our Mobile Application Development Team works to fulfill your vision and goals. They will meet with your team, and gather detailed information about your wants and needs and your current systems and applications. They will develop a prototype for your review. Upon final approval, your application will be developed and we will even manage it for you in the mobile marketplace.

Custom native mobile applications have been developed for the following technologies
  • Android application development
  • Blackberry application development
  • iPhone/iPad application development
  • Windows mobile application development
HTML5 mobile applications

HTML5 apps differ from NATIVE apps in that they are not downloaded and installed on a device. HTML5 apps are cloud-hosted apps that are easily accessed through a mobile web browser. You never need to install anything on your device and you never need to update an app. Updates and support also can be handled instantaneously with HTML5. HTML5 applications are a cost-effective solution to the problem of offering secure applications that help enable a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) work environment. You can see why HTML5 has become a premier mobile technology. Contact us for a free quote that includes converting old apps, migrating them to the cloud, and adding HTML5 and cloud hosting.

The ITC mobile roadmap strategy

ITC’s mobility strategy begins with developing a phased “roadmap.” In this roadmap, business goals and customer needs are aligned with the organization’s objectives and technical capabilities. We offer a comprehensive and innovative mobility solution. We provide the right functionality to leverage the right platform for mobility devices.

Standards & Services
  • We employ the most stringent technical standard to ensure optimum performance on a given device.
  • We design to bridge gaps between business needs and strategic goals.
  • We develop a prototype for your review and approval
  • Upon final approval, we develop an application
  • We then manage your application for you in the mobile marketplace.

Our team covers a wide range of mobile expertise including usability, and social media integration. We place a high emphasis on user-friendly interfaces, application functionality, and an overall experience that drives adoption and high user satisfaction.