Server Solutions

Technology Focused. Mission Driven

To succeed in the new era computing, your IT infrastructure must be ready for what’s next. Not all servers are built the same. Server solutions offer a comprehensive, innovative portfolio designed to address your evolving needs and deliver greater value to your business.

Servers form an essential component in building a resilient IT platform that can adapt rapidly to changing circumstances. ITC provides server solutions based on IBM’s System p®, System i®, AIX, Linux, Lenovo’s system x platforms and Fujitsu. Drawing on an expanding, world-class portfolio, we offer increased manageability, availability, and reliability. Servers can play a strategic role in helping companies do more with less to realize cost savings and profitability.

Making the most of your IT investments

To meet your needs and get the ROI you need to understand the values and differences of each server platform – or have a trusted partner like ITC. Servers act as a central location for sharing and administering information, devices, and applications on a network. The right servers can enable more users to access to shared resources, more resources and do it faster. We take a solution oriented approach that will identify how your server performance can be enhanced and costs reduced.