Custom Application

Custom Application

Every business has a unique set of requirements and processes. No out-of-the-box application is going to truly fit your needs. Custom applications are necessary to fit the specific needs of any company and the benefits far outweigh the investment.

Custom Applications:
  • Streamline Operational Performance
  • Lower Costs
  • Applications are specific to your needs

Application development is a crucial ongoing process these days due to rapid changes and developments. To keep up with rapidly changing technological advancement and rapidly evolving business processes we must have applications that help us stay on top of the fast-paced demands of today’s world. Custom applications can transform your internal environment – from struggling with your technology, and impeding your workflow to letting it work for you.

Changing market conditions and customer preferences demand that we be adaptable and able to leverage technologies optimally to stay competitive and deliver maximum value. ITC enables you to do exactly that.

ITC – Innovative Application Strategies

ITC combines the latest technologies with innovative ITC value-added technology strategies. The result is efficient and robust applications that give you a unique competitive advantage.

Custom Applications

Building on our unique technology strategies, we can develop custom applications that meet your specific needs. If you are unsure what you need to make your processes work better, we can provide an expert analysis and solution. Proprietary business-specific software is a modern business tool for organizational success.

ITC Application Services
  • Application Development
  • Integration
  • Management
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Application Management Services
How we do it

Our Strategic Partner Skilled Team of Consultants and Developers

  • Listen to your challenges, concerns, and your vision, and goals
  • Evaluate your organizational workflow and your computing environment
  • Work with your people to gather in-depth information on your needs and design solutions that are the right fit for your people and your organization
  • Employ a comprehensive methodology focusing on you, the customer

Custom applications are tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs as organization computing environments continually transform. ITC’s expert consultants collaboratively evaluate your organizational computing needs. ITC with solutions partners brings all systems together for an integrated solution that eases business challenges. ITC is dedicated to helping find more efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet business and mission-critical requirements.

Our custom applications solutions are designed to
  • Improve Organizational Agility
  • Adaptability
  • Optimize Your ROI

Our custom application covers a broad spectrum of technology areas spanning from building to managing proprietary software programs or process-based information and reporting systems. In this ever-changing information technology world, custom application development and maintenance are playing a more pivotal role to integrate our client’s heterogeneous computing environment. Businesses want to connect more to their employees, customers, and suppliers through mobile devices using both internal and external cloud computing technologies.

Our Development Teams

Through our strategic development partners, ITC custom crafts state–of–the–art applications. Our teams use proven methodologies configured to deliver optimized performance and innovative solutions. Our development teams have a variety of expert knowledge and experience. Core competencies include technology architecture, database design, and application development.

ITC development teams employ a methodology that is customer-centered. We work with you from the beginning of the process to clarify needs and evaluate all options. Our recommendations and solutions combine the latest development technology. With our broad-based portfolio of services, we provide complete solutions to meet specific needs. We then carefully manage all stages of the development, testing, configuration, staging, and deployment.

ITC Experience

ITC has the experience and resources to develop and manage proprietary software programs in the following areas:

  • We Have the Resources!
  • ITC’s Skilled Developers
  • Our Long-Standing Strategic Partnerships
  • Proven methodologies
  • Optimized performance

Core Competencies in Technology Architecture, Database Design, and Application Development – Leveraged to Provide You with Innovative Solutions

ITC is dedicated to helping find more efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet business and mission-critical requirements. We deliver a high-quality product and solution that you can rapidly implement and start seeing your ROI.

Specific Development & Integration Competencies

Through strategic partnerships, ITC can handle all of your development, integration, and management needs. We develop, work with, and support a wide range of brands and applications. Your organization benefits through ITC’s top-notch developers, credentialed in an array of critical and sought-after specialties.

ITC’s Microsoft® specialist developers hold certifications in:
  • ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  • Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
  • Structured Query Language (SQL) Server
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • SQL Reporting
Microsoft BizTalk Integration
  • Overall design and development
  • Automated deployment
  • Orchestrations
  • Components
  • Maps
ITC’s Microsoft® specialist developers hold certifications in:
  • Microsoft application integration
  • Salesforce application integration
  • Mobile application integration
  • Web and social media integration
  • Integration management
  • Data integration
Application Integration Services

Applications provide necessary functionality to businesses and industries. Businesses rely on reports that are critical to all processes in all functional areas from sales to warehouse and in all industries – manufacturing to medical.

Application Integration Provides Power to Your Processes
  • Seamless workflow increases productivity, reduces errors due to transposition, improves connectivity and communication
  • Increased efficiency and optimized use of IT resources lowers costs
  • Simplified access and ease of use support morale
Use Integrations to
  • Integrate old systems and applications with new
  • Convert legacy applications
  • Migrate applications to the cloud for greater accessibility
ITC is Your Solutions Provider for All of Your Integrations:
  • Microsoft application integration
  • Salesforce application integration
  • Mobile application integration
  • Web and social media integration
  • Integration management
  • Data integration